Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sick F*cks

Excuse my languange but this is fucking disgusting.

Nosemonkey has written a post on the subject of the BNP.
Go. And. Read It.

The BNP is becoming more and more influential in certain area's of British society. New Labour's abandonment of the working classes may be partly to blame. Whatever the reasons, it's a hugely troubling development.

I've been reading their website (no link, I've no intention of attracting a swarm of comment loons) and it's clear that they are intent on using the attacks for maximum propaganda value. What's more, much of this propaganda is very professionally presented. They know exactly what they're doing. They hide their racism behind rational sounding but emotive language. A snippet:
The London Massacre has tragically brought home to the entire country the terrible price ordinary people are now having to pay for the combination of the failed multi-cultural experiment, doubled up with Tony Blair's decision to involve Britain in a war that had nothing to do with us. The first step in finding a solution to any problem is to get the the roots of that problem.
And another:
War has come to our city streets. Blood is flowing. The time for action has come. Words are not enough. It is now time the British people were given back the power to protect themselves from those who have been allowed to enter our country and start wars against us and our way of life.
These people do not speak for me. They do not speak for the overwhelming majority of British citizens. They are nasty racist extremist bigots. As Katie says in the comments to Nosemonkey's post, lets start condemning them publicly and properly.

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